We offer a wide array of services:

  • Domestic Wells
  • Public Supply
  • Abandon
  • Irrigation
  • Injection Wells
  • Monitor Wells
  • Geothermal
  • Test Wells
  • Renovate
  • Horizontal Wells
  • Remediation
  • Pump Installation

Our drilling methods include:

  • Reverse Circulation
  • Mud Rotary
  • Air Rotary
  • Percussion
  • Auger/Boring

Well Information:

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In order to drill a water well in Utah the well owner must obtain a start card from the State Engineer’s office. The Well Driller must submit the Driller Start Card (provided by the well owner) to the State Engineer’s Office before starting to drill.
The State of Utah has some well construction requirements that must be met to insure you, the well owner, get what you need. The State Engineer will send you a copy of these requirements with your permit. The following list is a portion of the requirements, but is not all-inclusive.

image of a big rig
  • To protect your well against surface contamination, the driller must install a continuous 2-inch thick surface seal between the outermost casing and the borehole wall to a depth of at least 30 feet.
  • Well casing must extend at least 18-inches above ground when completed.
  • Steel casing must meet common industry standards, be in new or like new condition, free of pits or breaks, and meet specific wall thickness requirements depending on the depth of the well and diameter of the casing.
  • The driller must have the permission of the well owner before installing PVC screen or casing.
  • During drilling, the driller must not leave the well casing or borehole open and unattended in order to reduce the risk of contamination or injury.
  • Prior to leaving the site at well completion, the driller must disinfect the well to eliminate any residual organic or bacteriological contamination.
  • If a well is replaced under an approved replacement permit, the well owner is required by law to have the driller abandon the existing (old) well before leaving the site.
  • For a public supply well, the well owner and driller must also comply with additional rules and requirements promulgated by the Utah Division of Drinking Water (801-536-4200).

This list taken from the Utah Water Well Construction Requirements Document – Based on 1/1/2001 Version of Rules. Other water well information can be viewed at the Division of Water Rights Internet web site at

Pump Information:

Pump Image

Once you have a water well drilled you will need a pump system to get water to your house. Generally the following are included in the pump system:

  • Pump End
  • Motor
  • Control Box
  • Wire
  • Pipe

We will connect your pump system to the top. Your electrician will need to connect from the main power source.

The size of pump you need will depend on the amount of water you will be using. Please talk to our pump specialist about what would best fit your needs. Among others, we carry Grundfos and Goulds pump systems.

T & L Irrigation

Gardner Brothers Drilling is now an independent full service dealer for T-L Irrigation.

If you are interested in adding PROFITS, STABILITY, and PEACE OF MIND to your operation, then you owe it to yourself to take a close look at T-L Irrigation.

We offer a wide range of options:

The Choice Is Simple
  • Center Pivot Irrigation
  • Linear Irrigation Systems
  • Quick Tow Irrigation Systems
  • Corner Irrigation Systems
  • Nutrient Water Management
  • PMDI (Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation)
  • Pivot Management Options

Hydrostatically Powered

T-L pivot systems are hydrostatically powered for continuous movement. This design delivers even water or chemical distribution resulting in unmatched irrigation uniformity and improved crop production. There is no “spoking effect” from the uneven water distribution that stop-start electrically driven systems have.

T-L’s exclusive hydrostatic drive design offers substantial advantages not available on electrically driven systems. Each tower of a T-L system moves continuously, delivering uniform water application, especially important for chemical distribution. Continuous movement reduces the chances of getting stuck and reduces wear on drive components significantly.

T-L’s hydrostatic drive design provides maximum torque while automatically adjusting for the varying tower flow requirements determined by the rotation speed. A pressure compensating variable flow hydraulic pump supplies only the power required, not the maximum, 100% of the time.
Low Maintenance Costs

T-L Irrigation’s pivot systems experience less downtime than competitive brands. Repair & maintenance costs are significantly reduced due to the continuous movement of the hydrostatic drive. The absence of start-stop operation extends gearbox life enabling T-L to provide the longest gearbox warranties available:

  • Planetary drives – 24,000 hours or 8 years
  • Worm gear drives – 16,000 hours or 8 years
  • Alignment control valve – 8 years
  • Hydraulic motors – 4,000 hours or 4 years

Frequent electrical component repairs, downtime waiting for electricians, and excessive drive-train repair costs are not an issue.
This warranty is unmatched in the irrigation industry and reflects T-L’s confidence in the system’s design and field performance.

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