Yes. You must obtain a start card from the State Engineer before drilling can begin.

The well should be at least 200 ft. from septic tanks and the property line.

Under normal conditions a well should last 50-100 years and a pump should last about 10 years depending on the pump. The variation is mainly due to the quality of water and amount of use.

Once the well is drilled, you will need, in most cases, a pump system. This will include a pump, motor, control box, pipe, wire, and additional parts and fittings as required by the pump system you use. Our pump specialist can answer any questions concerning your pump system and installation.

The cost of the well depends on the depth and size of the well. Where you are located may also affect the cost of the well. Please contact us for a free estimate.

That depends on the area your well will be located. Geological formation of your area generally will determine to what depth and yield will apply to your well. Based on our experience and research of the the recorded well logs in your area we can provide you with a more precise idea of the depth you will need to go.

Before drilling can begin a start card must be obtained from the State Engineer. All rights to the use of water in the State of Utah must be established through the water appropriation process administered by the Division of Water Rights in accordance with Title 73, Chapter 3. The steps are as follows: Apply to appropriate water with the Division of Water Rights (State Engineer); Application is advertised for two weeks in an appropriate newspaper, and protests and rebuttals heard. State Engineer evaluates application, protests, and other pertinent information and renders a decision on the application based upon principles established in state statute and any competing claims. For more information on water rights in the state of Utah visit www.waterrights.utah.gov. In the state of Nevada visit www.water.nv.gov.
Gardner Brothers Drilling must have the original start card and a deposit before drilling can begin.

The size of pump you need depends on the amount of water you plan to use. A rule of thumb is to allow for between 75-150 gallons of water per person per day. You need to take into account the peak demand, for example when there may be extra guests. Outside use of water can pose much greater demands. You must take into account the amount of use if your well is needed for additional water uses such as: lawn and garden, swimming pool, irrigation, etc. Please contact us for additional information on pumps and services.

There could be a number of different problems. It is possible that the bowls have gone bad or there is a hole in the pipe. Please contact us and we will determine the problem and what needs done to correct it.

Once we have the original start card in hand we can start as soon as our schedule allows. As of April 2010 the wait is about 1 – 2 weeks. However; please contact us to find out an appropriate time frame for your area.